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Offer Business Services, Operations Management, P&L Analysis, Market Creation, Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Product Development, Social Media, Marketing, Sales Channel, Launch Promotions.

Focused on the Games, Digital Media and Toy Markets

Understand all phases of Game Design, Development, Quality Testing, Licensing, Social Media Marketing, Launch Events, Sales Distribution and Ongoing Live Operation needs.


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Offer a Wide Variety of Game Options to Our Clients

Social Media Games

Targeted social media games and unique game content with a broader reach to all sorts of markets. Create games where community followers can play daily and also compete against other community follower groups.

Sponsorship / Advertising Games

Mobile and desktop games developed to satisfy a brand need or advertising campaign. Easy to play casual games – promotional driven content – great brand advertiser tool for media sales teams. This is where clients can offer a “dual” screen solution to the viewers with value-add advertising messaging on both devices.


The principle behind gamification is to recognize the individual game player against the broader player pool (leaderboards) as well as offering “badges” as a reward for individual achievement. See White Paper….here

eSports / vSports Games

Offer competitive league development creating a fan base that wants to watch digital/physical competitive games.  Partner with TV broadcasters, major sponsors and proven game technology platforms to mediate risk and capital requirements.  Content is key here.

Gambling Games

The Supreme Court has recently opened the door and authorized sports betting.  This will be a new windfall for the games market.  I have prior experience with Canadian and European online gambling game IP and business development assignments.

Fantasy Games

Fans enjoy playing fantasy games. Both DraftKings and FanDuel offer fantasy games for each sports league. As fans like playing multiple fantasy games simultaneously, clients may be interested in adding their own local market or brand specific fantasy league game specifically for its targeted audience.

Non-Digital Games

Offer local market promotional games to expand to more consumers. Develop scratch-off ticket games for local market prizes. Create promotional games that create demand for client content programming and advertisers.

Product Innovation Licensing Agent

  • Partner with Inventors and Innovators
  • Offer Creative, Sales Channel, and Marketing Solutions
  • Open Doors via Extensive Portfolio of Senior Management Decision Maker Connections

Board of Directors

  • Serve on both Public and Private Equity Boards
  • Provide “C” Level Management Services
  • Serve as Expert Witness for IP, Business Development, and Industry Standards